Seamwork Weston Shorts

Seamwork weston (4)

Hello friends,

Three weeks’ ago today these photos were taken. We’d reached the town of Jasper and finally found weather warm enough to reward my last-minute shorts-making. I’m not usually one for wearing shorts – I rarely find pairs which flatter my legs and steer the narrow line between modest and frumpy. I considered drafting a pair for the holiday, but then Seamwork answered my prayers with their June pattern release – the Weston shorts. I made them up the day before we flew!

I did alter the pattern slightly – for a start, grading between a size 4 at the waist and a size 6 at the hips. There’s still ample room at the waist so next time I might even grade down to a size 2 there. I then flared the side seams; the original pattern has these following the curve of the thigh but I prefer a more a-line silhouette. I didn’t adjust the inner seams at all.

Seamwork weston (2)

Seamwork weston (5)

Seamwork weston (8)

Fabric-wise, I used a soft blue linen from the Cloth House in Soho. Unfortunately, I did put these shorts through their paces during our several days hiking in Jasper, and the weave of the cloth is already starting to come apart a little along the seams. I’m not sure what can be done to avoid this(?) but at any rate, I’m not too sad as I did rush some aspects of the construction (nobody look at the buttonholes!) and would like to make a second, better pair.

I also found that the given zip length (9″) was much too long for the fly opening and reached almost into the crotch, so I’ll adjust that next time too. I realise now that I’m writing this as much for my benefit as anyone else’s; I made these up in such a frenzy of pre-travel excitement (and stress) that the actual process is already becoming a woolly memory… And I want to remember, because I really do like this pattern.

Seamwork weston (6)

Jasper itself was fantastic – the place is just teeming with animals; everyone drives at a ridiculously leisurely pace to spot said animals, oh, and it has an amazing bakery with the BEST sausage rolls! I mean, what more could you ask for in a town?? These photographs were taken at Lake Edith, a tranquil spot just minutes from the town yet almost deserted. (J was brave enough to take a dip in the clear waters; I was most definitely not.)

It’s my policy not to swim in water with large quantities of snow in the visible vicinity. J discovered my reasoning the hard way. His was a very short swim.

On our way to the lake that evening we saw grazing elk; on our way back a lone coyote. It was also on our day trips from Jasper that we saw the baby bears and *hugging* marmots, not to mention avalanches and glaciers, wild sheep and wild goats, waterfalls, canyons and wildflowers a-plenty. Sitting here now in a Suffolk garden, it seems impossibly distant. Can it really have been just three weeks since we were there? Three weeks in which so much has happened across the world, so much that is heartbreaking. It makes me grateful for the opportunities I have had to see the beautiful places of this world, and the many kind and caring people I know as friends and have met as passing strangers. Canada gave me all of these, and consequently it was as wonderful and memorable a trip I could have had.

Lake Edith (3)

Seamwork weston

Lake Edith (2)

And that’s all from my Canadian adventure. I do hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the incredible places we visited in addition to my holiday makes; I’ve really enjoyed writing slightly broader posts and hope to do some more of this from now on, with fingers crossed that you don’t all abandon this ship of random ramblings!



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Maligne Lake 4


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We’re here because J is half Canadian and one of his Canadian cousins is getting married tomorrow, and also because I really, really want to see a moose. It’s been a lifelong ambition since I found out just how ridiculously big those animals are. Almost bigger than your average London flat.

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