The slightly sad story of Agnes no. 2

DSC_0017After my first Agnes attempt, I simply couldn’t wait to get started on a second. I’d picked up some £1-a-metre jersey (from the shop with the cat) during the Dalston meet-up, which, amazingly, survived its pre-wash. But oh dear me, it all seemed downhill from there. Continue reading


She wore a brand New Jersey; she wore a brand New Jersey…

Oh yes, she did – and then she wore it again, and again, until it wasn’t brand new any more (and still she kept on wearing it…).

This is the Agnes top from Tilly and the Buttons, and my first foray into the world of sewing knits. I followed Tilly’s ‘Learn to Sew Jersey Tops on a Regular Machine’ online course, and I can’t recommend this enough to any fellow knit-virgins. It’s simple, straightforward, and reassuring. What had once seemed daunting became positively relaxing. Honestly, jersey – where have you been all my life?!

Look at how straight those stripes run across the bust! (Don’t look at my left hand though, it’s being huge and creepy…)

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Fabulous Fifi!

This pattern has been a source of unexpected joy to me. I’ve been rather stressed out over the past few weeks, largely owing to moving house (something I inflict upon myself annually, and which sends me into a month of meltdown every time). And when I’m stressed, I generally upp my consumption of chocolate buttons to record-breaking levels, so to add to the fun I’ve been feeling like a stressed out wibbly wobbly piggy wiggy (and looking like one too). Continue reading