Bluebell dress

Towards the end of the manic panic making of my pink coat, designed to keep me warm at a Yorkshire wedding, it suddenly occurred to me I hadn’t quite thought about what to wear under said coat at said wedding (and therefore faced the prospect of actually being rather cold). My wardrobe yielded a succession of utterly wrong dresses (you know how it goes: J ‘How about this?’ Me: ‘Oh not that – the collar will clash with the coat!’). It was Friday night; the wedding was on Sunday – there was only one thing for it.

I had to make a new dress.

Bluebell New Look 6049-17

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Pink lady – my first ever vintage make!

So for everyone who’s enjoying the fabulous sunshine that’s finally reached London this month, I would like to propose that you have me to thank. Because – I made a coat. I MADE A COAT! And now it’s really warm and said coat is kinda redundant.

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Spring Flowers Tea Dress

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s … the sun! The actual, warm, shining sun! It’s back! Could this be… spring??

Well, spring or not, I’m starting to get fed up of 70 denier tights and thermal vests (yes, I really do wear them – a lot) and so braved the weather a few days ago to crack out a make from last autumn. It’s another Sew Over It make, their 1940s tea dress. I wore it once after it was made, to the Made Up Initiative Meet Up, and then packed it away to await the return of the sun… Continue reading