Fun and sunshine – there’s enough for everyone!

Hello lovelies! Here’s me in my first Sew Over It ‘Ultimate Pencil Skirt’. And what to say?

I don’t like it – I love it love it LOVE it! (Oh oh…)

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The skirt that would not behave

IMG_1176Isn’t this fabric just delicious?? It’s like a Dutch still life-Ted Baker mash-up. I found it in a beautiful tailor’s shop in Hoi An, Vietnam back in the summer of 2013; unlike the market stalls and smaller, cheap and cheerful stores this shop was an exquisite Aladdin’s cave of elegance. Dark wood, high ceilings, immaculate silk-clad assistants, and roll upon roll of cloth gorgeousness. I instantly regretted my decision to travel light, but having already stuffed every empty backpack pocket with fabrics from the famous market, I was stuck. I had to choose, and choose wisely, and this was my choice.

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