Beautiful Basics – Sewaholic Renfrew


Oh, this blogging malarkey. In order to spare you all another glamorous ‘me in my living room’ photo shoot, we took the camera with us on a Sunday stroll along the South Bank, where I ‘modelled’ my new Renfrew top and tried not to look too much of a wally. Luckily, this is London, and I could’ve been standing there naked and most people would either be a) entirely unsurprised, or b) pretending to be entirely unsurprised. Still, I’m a Brit, and posing in public makes me feel like, well, a right poser. Continue reading


Bless your beautiful hide! Seven Brides, Seven Brothers, and a sleeveless Granville shirt…

So here we are, the last days of August and change is already in the air, the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness lurking on the horizon. It has been cold in London. Wearing tights cold.

Well, screw you, rubbish British summer, I say! I don’t care if I’m starting to button my cardigans all the way to the top! I WILL make an inappropriately summery sleeveless shirt in spite of you! And wear it to the Regents Park Open Air Theatre (to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), yes indeedy.

In case you were wondering, we had a ‘wonderful, wonderful day’…

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