Is French Connection trying to get in on the refashioning action??

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The Refashioners 2015 – my stripey sleep playsuit!

This refashioning thing is just fantastic! The Pinterest board is overflowing with fun and surprising takes on the challenge, and it’s got me so fired up. There have been babies’ outfits, shorts, aprons, jackets, patchwork; some ladies have managed to make whole dresses out of shirts and get this – even a little dog has a new coat – amazing! It’s probably a good thing I’m going on holiday next week, otherwise I’d end up with an entire wardrobe of refashioned garments. J looked genuinely alarmed the other day when I complimented him on one of his shirts, as though the next time he saw it, it might be a pair of hotpants.

And so here’s what I actually made, crafted from and inspired by the stripey shirt I showed off last week…

The photos are rather dark and orange because I was experimenting with my new camera!

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Get Shirty – my idea for The Refashioners 2015

I was so excited when this year’s Refashioners challenge was opened up to the wider sewing community. It’s such a great idea, an inspiring and thought-provoking challenge, and a wonderful way to remind us that there’s already vast amounts of fabulous fabric out there in the world and we don’t always have to buy off the roll to satisfy our sewing addiction. Plus there is THE BEST PRIZE EVER. Seriously, I know I’m weird, but I get goosebumps thinking about how much amazing sewing stuff is in that prize. It’s ‘sewing-life’-changing in scale, I kid you not.

So the challenge is to refashion a button-down men’s shirt into something – anything – else. When I look back at my home life and sewing past, I can see that refashioning has always been something we’ve done – my mother made us dressing up clothes out of old nighties and scarves (my dressing-up ‘ballgown’ was a refashion of an adult bridesmaid dress; my ‘second best ball outfit’ was a petticoat from my grandmother) and our toys were similarly equipped. Favourite T-shirts became cushions for the garden, charity shop skirts became teenage vests and a little scrap of everything would in the end make its way into a patchwork spread of some sort. But by the time I was old enough to sew, we had become a girls-only household; there wasn’t a lot of men’s refashioning to be done.

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