Party tricks : my fail-safe party food

IMG_1311 Heaven knows but I love throwing a party. And mostly because I love love LOVE making party food! Spending a day preparing nibbles for my friends fills me with so much joy it’s almost embarrassing – especially when they start to arrive and it initially looks as though I’ve over-catered in the extreme… (Which, not to blow my own trumpet too much, is actually never the case. If food is there, people will eat it.) So anyway, just thought I’d share some pics and tips about the food I served up at a little cocktail party at J’s flat last Saturday night. It was our first ‘joint-hosting’ and, if I say so myself, it went down a storm! Guests were greeted with dire homemade mojitos and moscow mules (I am a seriously rubbish cocktail-maker. But I was just extremely generous with the spirits in the hopes that no one would notice.)

Anyhoo, here are a few tips based on the nibbles I whipped up on Saturday afternoon. Seriously, the whole spread only took 3 and a half hours to make, which sadly isn’t because I’m a superwoman, but because this is the easiest stuff ever. Continue reading