A Negroni knock-out

Hello from CANADA! Yes, folks, I am writing to you right now from a hotel room in sunny Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am in this frankly epic country of neverending proportions, where the squirrels are black (yes, I have been photographing them like an overexcited tourist), the pavements are wider than your average London street and everything, I mean everything, comes with a maple syrup flavour option. It’s fantastic.

We’re here because J is half Canadian and one of his Canadian cousins is getting married tomorrow, and also because I really, really want to see a moose. It’s been a lifelong ambition since I found out just how ridiculously big those animals are. Almost bigger than your average London flat.

Anyway, most of you don’t rock up here to read about my weird moose-fixation so let’s move on and introduce you to a recent and very proud achievement. My first man’s shirt, here modelled (mostly willingly) by my very own piece of Canada. Continue reading