Stripes on sea – Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island

Come with me, on a journey to a remote place few people (even Canadians) have ever heard of… To a place where, even in June, you have to endure bitter temperatures, especially when you’ve taken off your top three layers of clothing to snap some blog photos… To a place where all your blog photos look a bit tense/manic because you are so cold and it could start raining again at any point, meaning you’d have to dry your jeans over the cabin’s electric hobs again… This place, my friends, is Telegraph Cove.


Ok, so this photo was actually of me trying to hurry J along so we could get the whole freezing photoshoot over and done with as soon as possible. I’m only smiling because I’m nice like that. Oh, and because in spite of its worse-than-England’s summer weather – Telegraph Cove is just right-on marvellous. Continue reading


Things aren’t always black and white…

You know when you get a new item of clothing and suddenly it’s all you wear, and you can’t quite work out what on earth you used to wear before it arrived in your life? Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might’ve spotted this top on its first outing in the Alps two weeks’ ago, and I don’t mind admitting that I’ve barely taken it off to wash it since.

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Rise vs Fall – battle of the Papercut turtlenecks

The end of winter might seem an odd time to embark on a turtleneck-making spree, but with snow battering our northern counties and the odd flake even drifting as far south as London, it’s too soon to be abandoning our warmer wears. But at the same time, the (brave) daffodils and lengthening days make chunky jumpers seem cumbersome and over-the-top. So a series of warm tops in pretty colours seemed just the ticket, and Papercut’s Rise and Fall Turtleneck just the pattern.


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Beautiful Basics – Sewaholic Renfrew


Oh, this blogging malarkey. In order to spare you all another glamorous ‘me in my living room’ photo shoot, we took the camera with us on a Sunday stroll along the South Bank, where I ‘modelled’ my new Renfrew top and tried not to look too much of a wally. Luckily, this is London, and I could’ve been standing there naked and most people would either be a) entirely unsurprised, or b) pretending to be entirely unsurprised. Still, I’m a Brit, and posing in public makes me feel like, well, a right poser. Continue reading

The slightly sad story of Agnes no. 2

DSC_0017After my first Agnes attempt, I simply couldn’t wait to get started on a second. I’d picked up some £1-a-metre jersey (from the shop with the cat) during the Dalston meet-up, which, amazingly, survived its pre-wash. But oh dear me, it all seemed downhill from there. Continue reading