Sew Over It Eve Dress

I think it’s one of the perennial questions that plague bloggers – does anyone actually notice if my blog goes quiet? I’ve not quite fallen off the blogging wagon, I’m more still being dragged along behind it clinging to a loose plank, but I’ve certainly been absent more often than not this year. It’s left me with the feeling that I’m behind everyone else, the last person to reach every trend. For example, by the time I finally get around to starting a vlog, I might just be the very last stitcher on the planet to do so. And whilst I may have been one of the very first to make a Sew Over It Eve dress from the now-not-so-newly-released paper pattern, I’m probably the last person to actually share it!

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina full length 4 copy

I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for Eve, and opted to make the seemingly more popular flutter-sleeve version. I should say right away that I adore this design. I fell in love with the lines immediately, and had visions of myself languishing on lawns in the long summer evenings that, when I was dreaming, still lay ahead. As a tester, the fabric was provided by Sew Over It and I chose a floral lawn in soft smoky shades; it’s now out-of-stock at SOI, but I have seen it elsewhere online.

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina full length

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina back view

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina skirt

The pattern came together as smoothly as I’ve come to expect from Sew Over It. However I rather complacently cut and sewed up a straight size 10 without any toile, as I’ve had such perfect fit experiences with other SOI patterns, so I was a bit surprised and disappointed with myself when it came up roomier than I’d like. Some of the roominess can be attributed to using cotton rather than something with more drape, but even so I have to pull the wrap as tight as possible and it’s still spacious. The cotton stands away from the body accentuating all of this, particularly the gaping across the bust. To be clear, I’m not suggesting the pattern is at fault; I think I simply should have made a smaller size. And next time I am without doubt going to use a fabric with drape; Sew Over It have some fabulous floral crepes online at the moment that must surely have been bought with Eve in mind.

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina full length 2

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina close up 2

Oh, and another thing about the fabric: NOT my colours! I really need to get a grip on my whole ‘ooh, soft and sophisticated shades!’ fascination unless I want to also embrace looking washed out and weird. I mean, I know these photos were taken on a grey day in April but seriously, I’d just been skiing in the sun; I didn’t really look that moon-faced! (Although thanks to the skiing I was feeling pretty much like the moon: round and made of cheese). I mean, to be truthful I think there’s something else going on here: since working for myself I’ve gained a few pounds and lost a bit of style direction. I spend so much time alone in my flat, in daytime pyjamas, that I think my sartorial compass is somewhat off course. It’s seen me make some dubious fabric choices. Not that here I haven’t made a dreamy Eve dress, perfect for garden parties and evening picnics, it’s just next time I’ll probably make one in bright red 🙂 x

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina close up

Sew Over It Eve Thumblenina full length 3



9 thoughts on “Sew Over It Eve Dress

  1. yes the fit isn’t great but its so much of a chore to do a toile every time. personally I don’t make anything that has to wrap over as I’ve had such little success with it and with RTW I’m always having to put a pin in or sew it down to stop it becoming indecent. I like the fabric but it doesn’t seem to suit the dress. Thanks for blogging though as all positive isn’t always helpful.

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    1. I feel like the holy grail of the perfect wrap must be out there for me somewhere but I agree, toiles can be such a hassle! I definitely want to make this dress again in a better fabric and play around with the sizing. Thanks for your comment and appreciation of my mixed feelings!


    2. When I said the fit isn’t great I also meant to say but it really isn’t that bad. The trouble is with making things is that you end up focussing on what you think is not as brilliant as you would like but if you didn’t know it wasn’t exactly as you hoped you’d be pretty happy with it!


  2. I noticed your absence, fellow Nina. And I love the fabric in theory, but I’d probably never wear it. I’m not sure what that says about me. Also I never make a toile, though I’m sure I shouldn’t admit that.

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    1. Thank you, fellow Nina 🙂 There are also fabrics that I love but wouldn’t or shouldn’t wear, and I probably need to be clearer about that distinction. And in 16 years of sewing I’d never made a toile until about two years ago!


  3. I’ve just found you Nina, and what drew me to your blog was the picture of you in the Eve dress. I think you are being too hard on yourself re: looking like the moon and the fit and fabric ( I actually think the fabric is beautiful and suits your colouring).
    Speak to yourself as you would another seamstress.
    Looking forward to see your next Eve.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Dee – it’s can be so easy to be snarky to oneself without even realising it! I guess some of my disappointment with the dress just came out as overly negative; thank you for seeing the better side of this outfit!


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