Dressmaker of the Year – Vote for me!


Friends, I’ve been shortlisted for an award! It’s super exciting and just the boost I need at a time when my personal sewing has felt so overlooked. I’m nominated in the Customisation Category for Dressmaker of the Year with my embroidered denim refashion, and there’s also a Reader’s Choice Award for which you can vote here.

jeans refashion with embroidery.jpg

It seems a little odd chatting about voting in such a lighthearted and happy way when Britain now has a destiny-defining general election looming, but hey ho, life can’t all be political drama (or politics and Coachella, as my news app would have me believe).

A bunch of super fellow dressmakers have been shortlisted for this award and it’s really quite something for me to see myself alongside them. It’s odd; I’ve been having a bit of a funny time since launching Nina Lee – I realised that for so long simply launching was my goal and now I’ve achieved that it’s taken me a while to regroup and refocus. Being self-employed, and working solo, it can be difficult to benchmark your successes without falling into the trap of negative comparisons, so the external validation that comes from things like getting through to the final of an award make all the difference. And, as always, I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog, and those who comment. You always make my day 🙂 x



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