Sew It With Love Delia top

If you like it then you oughta put a bow on it…


So I did.

Say hello to Delia, the first pattern from Sew It With Love, the London-based sewing company and school run by the lovely Elena. It’s a super-cute knit top with raglan sleeves, an optional peplum and optional bow. (The bow is not optional in my mind; I will never miss a chance to wear a bow.) I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester.


thumblenina delia top sew it with love 4.jpg

I ordered a cotton jersey rayon blend from Girl Charlee UK, and as they only take orders in whole metres, ended up with rather a lot! The orange and lilac colour combination is sugary sweet; every time I think I’m moving in a more sartorially sophisticated direction, I do something like this. Bows, frills and sherbet. Do you ever find this, that you have one idea of your style in your head, and then keep being drawn to prints/colours/designs that don’t sit within that style at all? Or that it’s winter, and you’ve only gone and bought something that screams summer? (You can all too clearly see in the photos that I’m wearing a cami underneath!)


Delia is a nice and easy sew, perfect for someone still new to knits. The pattern comes with plainer variations (short sleeves, no peplum, no bow) which makes it a great ‘basic’. I made a size 10, which is quite relaxed in this particular knit. Fit-wise I shortened the bodice because I wanted that peplum to hit right on the waist (the original design has it rather lower). I’m still considering whether to shorten the sleeves to three-quarter length; having shortened the top I feel the balance is slightly thrown out by the long (and loose-ish) sleeves.

I’m excited by all the colour-blocking possibilities with this top – I’m thinking of making a version with a black and white graphic print on the bodice, then plain black sleeves and a black bow… It’s such a perfect pattern for spring, which I’m rather waiting for before wearing this Delia out and about. Right now that seems still some way off, given I’m wiped out with a cold that’s utterly stolen my voice. I don’t think I ever realised quite how much I chat to myself until today, when the flat has been so oddly quiet… So, for now, this is my way of communicating – thanks for keeping me company, blogosphere! x



5 thoughts on “Sew It With Love Delia top

  1. Very cute top! Orange and lilac stripes is such an unexpected combination that I actually really like!

    I am very guilty of the whole “this is what I want my style to be” and then I buy something that could not ever fit into the whole aesthetic I am trying to project!


  2. Love the top and colours suit you 👍love the bow detail too. I am currently going through this, that isn’t the style I am trying to achieve, but then again why have one style when you can multiple? & oowww I love that fabric & that fabric…yes they all have summer written all over it. Get it before its gone, I would rather regret buying it than miss out a beat my self up about it…. You only live once!! Hope your voice comes back soon 😊


  3. Fab top, loving the fabric, it’s cheery and bright which we need in this gloomy weather. The pattern looks great, the bow is cute and it’s definitely one I’d like to try.


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