Kickin’ back Kimono-style





Do you ever feel like your lounge-wear is letting you down? I’m definitely in that category, and all the more so since I started working from home and it became my life-wear. I don’t even know how I acquired so many random grey jersey items when grey is a colour I barely acknowledge in the rest of my wardrobe. It means I spend a lot of my days looking like a disgruntled koala bear, and not in a cute way.

Thus I’ve recently started trying to use up stash fabrics to remedy this sartorial slobbiness, including this blue crushed satin, which dates back to a trip to John Lewis sales when I was in my final year of high school… I mean, that is some seriously long-term stashing. So you might think I’d be tempted to turn it into something particularly special, and I must admit I felt a bit underwhelmed myself, transforming it into a glorified dressing gown. But then I realised I was falling into the classic trap of believing that only other people are worth dressing up for. And it ain’t true.

I drafted the kimono pattern myself, using Ann Haggar’s Pattern Cutting for Lingerie, Beachwear and Leisurewear. It’s based on traditional Japanese kimonos, so has openings into the sleeves to create pocket-like spaces and a wide sash that ties at the back. There wasn’t actually as much fabric as I’d misremembered, so it’s a somewhat vertically challenged kimono, but that’s been no bad thing in this recent bout of steamy heat. All in all, I have no regrets about this new incarnation of that ancient fabric. Especially as it means I don’t have to sew anything else with the slippery stuff!


I also decided to take these photos first thing in the morning, before I’d done anything to my hair except unplait it, and without so much as a smidgeon of makeup. For me it’s important to make an effort to look nice when I’m bumming around at home; if I don’t, I quickly find myself acting like a slob as well as feeling like one. But at the same time I don’t want to slide to the other end of the scale and feel as though even my toaster shouldn’t glimpse my un-made-up face. So I partly took these photographs as a reminder to myself – glamour can be easy; it can be relaxed. It can be as simple as rolling out of bed and pulling on a silk kimono instead of an old grey cardi…



Happy lounging, everyone! x


6 thoughts on “Kickin’ back Kimono-style

  1. I really like your outfit, it is very chic! I’m guilty too of thinking that it’s only worthwhile dressing up if someone else is around. I’m trying to get better at making an effort for myself too!


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