Ciao ciao, Como


Buongiorno, amici! We’ve just spent a rather wonderful long weekend celebrating our friends’ wedding on the shores of Lake Como. It’s such a magical, romantic place – endlessly scenic, with little towns both quaint and elegant, hillsides thick with olive trees, gardens overflowing with vines and flowers… Just how I’d always dreamt Italy would be since watching A Room with a View (which is not at all how I’d found Italy to date). Ah, I’m missing it already!

The weather for the first two days (including the wedding) was heavenly – which in my books means pretty baking hot. I was finally able to resurrect one of last summer’s most beloved makes, my Anna Dress, and debut this summer’s newest – which I’d actually created out of leftover Anna scraps. It’s an off-the-shoulder top I drafted based on one I saw in Topshop, complete with wrapover petal back. Shoulders are the new legs, don’tcha know?

Two view.jpg

Being warm enough to wander the lakeside at dusk with bare shoulders felt so luxurious. Not to mention any off-the-shoulder look seems far more at home in southern Europe than in the blustery north…

Having said that, after two days, the rain came – and it came to stay. We managed to get very wet, repeatedly, through our persistent attempts at sightseeing, but the lake retained its atmospheric beauty.

I can’t lie; I would’ve preferred a little more gelato weather (and gelato, always more gelato!). Still, I shan’t forget that first evening with its glorious sunset, and of course the wedding itself was simply fabulous. And when the sun does finally show its face back here in London, my shoulders and I shall be ready! x




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