Bluebell dress

Towards the end of the manic panic making of my pink coat, designed to keep me warm at a Yorkshire wedding, it suddenly occurred to me I hadn’t quite thought about what to wear under said coat at said wedding (and therefore faced the prospect of actually being rather cold). My wardrobe yielded a succession of utterly wrong dresses (you know how it goes: J ‘How about this?’ Me: ‘Oh not that – the collar will clash with the coat!’). It was Friday night; the wedding was on Sunday – there was only one thing for it.

I had to make a new dress.

Bluebell New Look 6049-17

I told a highly alarmed J that I could do this in around 2 hours. In fact it took 3, but then inevitably I did stop for wine at one point. What really took the time was the dithering over fabric choices in Soho (oh yes, I had to go out and buy the fabric) – I finally settled on a gorgeous blue medium-weight crepe from Misan Fabrics on Berwick Street. I think it’s really a cornflower blue, but I’ve nicknamed this my ‘bluebell dress’ because of the sleeve adaptation.

Bluebell New Look 6049-3

The pattern is my old friend New Look 6049, with altered sleeves. I’ve never made it up with the (flared) sleeves as per the pattern design; in this case I narrowed the sleeves to be straight and close-fitting, chopping them off above the elbow and drafting a flared bell ‘cuff’.

Bluebell New Look 6049-28

I love this detail; as I’ve discussed before simple shifts can be somewhat shapeless on curvier figures and adding these sleeves somehow alleviates that. It mirrors the fact that I often choose to pair my sleeves versions with flared sleeve blouses (see my green velvet version!).

Anyway, there’s little to say about the construction of such a simple dress other than, for speed, I omitted a lining in favour of facings and simply wore a slip underneath on the day. In these pics I’m not wearing the slip (too warm!) but it’s obviously necessary – there’s some unfortunate curve-cling happening here…

Bluebell New Look 6049-23

Bluebell New Look 6049-25

Curve cling aside, I looove this dress. (Do you ever get sick of me saying how much I love my new makes? I can’t help it, I’m afraid. I get so happy and then want to wear them all the time, until the next one comes along…) For me this is a dream spring wedding outfit – pretty, crease-resistant, warm. Sadly (well, not sadly at all), the next wedding I’m attending is in Italy in ten days’ time, and of course this outfit isn’t at all right for an Italian wedding… Back to the sewing machine! x


11 thoughts on “Bluebell dress

  1. Love this dress Nina, the colour and shape are so classy – perfect for a spring wedding. And your coat! It’s fab! I’m not a particular lover of pink but the pink coat and bluebell dress just look lovely together. x


    1. Thank you so much, Jane – it’s always so lovely to get your comments! I did nearly make the coat up in a pale green but the pink won me over at the last moment…x


      1. Hehe, thanks! Yes, I’m rather sad that spring is pretty much over as I think the colour combination is too soft for summer proper… Although that’s probably just me being pernickety!

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