Vogue 7975 – a grown-up jacket

V7975 thumblenina 4

One of the best things about Me Made May is how it can lead you to rediscover old handmades that you’ve pushed to the back of the wardrobe. I find the challenge results in me dressing more consciously, and not simply reaching for the same old outfits, whether me-made or RTW. This jacket is an old-ish make from about five or six years ago that I have always struggled to wear, but which came out last year in May and which has come out again now (well, right before the heatwave!). And you know what, year on year I’m liking it more and more and feel less and less of a frump – I actually think I’m growing into it.

V7975 thumblenina 15

I recall dreaming of creating a Chanel-esque little cropped jacket, but with hindsight clearly picked entirely the wrong fabric. This purple, pink, red and white affair is far too bulky for anything small and chic. This was also made years before I’d ever have considered making a muslin of a new pattern, and so ended wrangling frustratedly with the fit of its multiple panels (it’s still not a great fit across the back). I also made a matching skirt, which in spite of actually fitting was reconciled to the recycling after only a couple of wears. For a while, it seemed as though this jacket was headed in the same direction. But then I grew up a little, and whilst my body hasn’t changed that much my style and demeanour perhaps have. And so it is that I now find myself rather liking this bulky little colour pop.

V7975 thumblenina 10

V7975 thumblenina 12

It’s still not easy to wear – this is probably my favourite way of styling it so far, although I would’ve preferred to incorporate some neutrals (pink currently seems to occupy the place of ‘neutrals’ in my wardrobe). I’m wearing it here with my Papercut Patterns fall turtleneck, and it thrills me to be wearing more and more me-made combos.

V7975 thumblenina 7

Oh, and just in case anyone was wondering, my Me Made May pledge is the ‘classic’ – wearing at least one handmade item each day for the entire month. Last year I pledged five days a week, and managed more, so figured I definitely had to up my game. Stay tuned to the blog for my newest but also so far most May-worn make, coming soon… x

V7975 thumblenina 6



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