Things aren’t always black and white…

You know when you get a new item of clothing and suddenly it’s all you wear, and you can’t quite work out what on earth you used to wear before it arrived in your life? Well, if you follow me on Instagram you might’ve spotted this top on its first outing in the Alps two weeks’ ago, and I don’t mind admitting that I’ve barely taken it off to wash it since.



We snapped these photos in front of some amazing black and white graffiti in Peckham, south London, and my friend joked that no one would guess the photos were for a sewing blog, as the top looked shop-bought. This got me thinking, given this is Fashion Revolution Week, how grateful I am to the sewing community and the fantastic pattern companies out there who have helped me replace more and more of my previously shopped-for wardrobe with me-made specials. For years my sewing was restricted to party outfits but nowadays I’m creating everyday staples and generally feeling more comfortable and stylish than ever as a result. I feel less and less inclined to buy ready-made clothing and more and more to seek out quality fabrics that will last beyond a season or two.


Having said all that I’m not sure I’m at my most photogenic in horizontal stripes. Moreover I was feeling tired and washed out when we took these pics and I fear it shows. After all the excitement of the J’s birthday, following hot on the heels of our holiday, I’ve been left feeling a bit of a deflated old balloon this week. Deflated psychologically but unfortunately inflated physically – haven’t quite been able to shake the old cheese habit yet and still making my way through birthday cake and Easter eggs…!

Anyway, you’re probably thinking ‘will the old balloon please stop waffling on and tell us about the top’! It’s my fourth Papercut Turtleneck, a Rise version made up this time in XS, in a medium-weight jersey from the Cloth House. The quality is just luuurvely. You can see right off that I shortened the sleeves by a few inches; it makes this feel more of a top in its own right than a layering basic. I also tried adding a bit of puff to the sleeve head.

I was rather winging this and it’s come out slightly more subtle than I would’ve ideally liked, but I practised drafting the sleeve adjustment myself rather than referring back to my Agnes pattern, for example. Looking again at the adjustment I made on the pattern I can see it’s rather too gentle.

But you live (a little) and learn (A LOT) and this sure as anything won’t be my last turtleneck. Possibly the last of the season though because May is on its way (poet dontcha know it) and even I, snake-blooded creature that I am, have to wear lighter clothes at some point! Speaking of which, I need to dash off and put on some nice clothes as I’m heading out to an evening of charitable knitting and yarn swapping… Have mighty weekends, all! x




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