Eating lots and sewing little (dresses)

Hello! I hope you all had lovely Easter weekends and survived the wild winds of storm Katy. I’ve been making up for six severe Lenten weeks without chocolate by looking for any excuse to crack open another Easter egg… Cambridge win the boat race, hurrah! Eat an egg. The storm brings a tree down across the drive and we might get stranded in Suffolk! Eat an egg. Hey, it’s breakfast time…! You get the picture.

But amazingly I didn’t spend the entire weekend gorging myself – I squeezed in a bit of sewing too. When going through the seeming bottomless fabric chests in my mother’s house back in January, I’d identified a couple of dismantled ex-dresses of mine with fabric and prints well suited to children’s wear, so this weekend saw these refashioned into tiny dresses for tiny people. Turns out small is not only beautiful, but easy, and fast. Like, so fast.

animal sundress

Anyways I have no little people around me in need of dresses, but I knew of a charity that does, and it is to them that my latest makes are being sent. Dress a Girl Around the World works from the idea is that a new dress (perhaps the only one a girl will receive in her childhood) is so much more than an item of clothing – it can boost a child’s sense of self worth, and show others (including potentially predatory adults) that a child is being cared for. Their website provides free patterns and an amazing gallery of children wearing makes sent in by fellow crafters. It’s heartwarming stuff.

spotty sundress

As well as using a pattern from the website for the cute little faux-wrap dress, I practised my pattern drafting skills on the polka dot sundress above. Because of the conditions in which they’ll be worn and, more particularly, washed, dresses for the charity have to be made hard-wearing, so I French-seamed and top-stitched to hold everything together.

animal close up
This is my kind of animal print!

It’s funny how at Christmas we’re all encouraged to think about generosity, caring and selflessness, but Easter has rather become a festival of food above all else. Now I certainly have no issue with food-fests, but it did feel good taking time to do something (admittedly something I love) for someone in need in the midst of a general indulgence spree.

Sending off the dresses has also enabled me to tackle the weird woolly secret lying deep at the bottom of my drawers… You see, when I first taught myself to knit, I did so using a helpful booklet with the radical title ‘Learn to Knit’. This featured a variety of beginner projects – all of which were for babies clothes. So for some years I’ve had a small stash of teeny handmade clothes carefully hidden away – because these are so NOT what you want anybody accidentally coming across when you’re a hard-drinkin’ twenty-somethin’ partaaay animal, yah. And yep, I should’ve given them to charity ages ago, but… they were my very first knitted items! If you’re a crafter, you’ll understand. Anyway, it’s way overdue that I let them go and so they’re off with the dresses.

baby knits
Fare thee well, secret woollies!

So in summary… made some clothes for charity, survived a storm AND the ensuing rail replacement buses, published a blog post… Methinks it must be time to Eat An Egg! x


9 thoughts on “Eating lots and sewing little (dresses)

  1. This is very inspiring! I have had a personal challenge since the start of the year to work through my stash and not buy any new fabric for at least 6 months. This is another perfect way of using up all of those smaller but lovely pieces of fabric that I’ve been hoarding and for a really wonderful charity.


    1. I’m trying to work through the stash too but I really can’t help myself on the new fabric front – there’s always some excuse! It’s a really good challenge though and I’m impressed at your dedication 🙂 And this is definitely the nicest way yet that I’ve used up leftover fabric – the great thing of course is that even small pieces can be used for the tiniest sizes… x

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  2. What a great idea- the charity( although eating lots of chocolate sounds good to) . Going to look into this one. Love sewing, but there are only so many clothes that can fit into my wardrobe. And there’s another visit to Goldhawk Road planned…..


    1. I’m exactly the same with my already bulging wardrobe – have started trying to press homemade clothes on family members now… Ooh do let me know about any Goldhawk Rd meet-up – is it on the Foldline? I’m always keen and haven’t been there for a while now… x


  3. That’s a fantastic way to spend your Easter, the sewing for charity I mean but eating lots of eggs fun too!! I can’t eat my egg yet as my tooth fell apart on good Friday & sweet things make it hurt. Dentist tomorrow 😞


    1. Oh, poor you! I hope your trip goes well today, that’s absolutely rubbish. I think my dentist would be horrified if he saw my Easter eating habits; I’d have to distract him by talking about charity sewing… x

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