Spring Flowers Tea Dress

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s … the sun! The actual, warm, shining sun! It’s back! Could this be… spring??

Well, spring or not, I’m starting to get fed up of 70 denier tights and thermal vests (yes, I really do wear them – a lot) and so braved the weather a few days ago to crack out a make from last autumn. It’s another Sew Over It make, their 1940s tea dress. I wore it once after it was made, to the Made Up Initiative Meet Up, and then packed it away to await the return of the sun…

A sunny spring day in London is such a treat. Here we’re lucky to have numerous parks and gardens, so even in the heart of the city it’s impossible to miss the lovely shift into colour and light.




This pretty fabric is a viscose from the wonderful lucky dip that is the Misan Fabrics bargain basement in Soho. If you’ve not encountered this yet, it’s a great place to pick up ends of (quality) rolls at sometimes very good prices; its jumbled stacks are always worth a browse.


The dress is another well-drafted and straightforward make from Sew Over It (I’m turning into such a fan girl of theirs). There’s no lining; the neckline is entirely finished with a facing – which seems to be a common feature of SOI patterns – making the dress very light and drapey. It’s quite low-cut at the front so you can see I’m wearing a (non-thermal) camisole underneath it here. The pattern’s sleeves aren’t ruched but finished with a sort of cuff; I have very fond memories of ruched sleeves on a RTW dress I used to wear all the time so simply left off the cuff and recreated that here. I wasn’t disappointed and would be tempted to repeat it if I make the dress again.


I’ve been impressed/surprised by how SOI patterns fit my short body, although you can see that the skirt is quite long on me – longer than it appears on everyone else on Google, anyway… The skirt actually is rather fuller and flowier (why is that not a word?) than the pattern illustrations would suggest, which is a good thing IMHO.

There’s also some unfortunate swayback happening when I relax my posture so I might look at taking a chunk out of the back for any future versions.

FYI this was made before I got my concealed zipper foot… Try  to ignore the zip and notice instead how weirdly dead my arm looks in this photo…
Good day, sunshine!

As I mentioned in my last post, between having a cold and it being cold I’ve struggled to get any blog photos lately; this was a brief respite from the tempest of March winds. It didn’t stay calm for too long (nor did I stay snuffle-free). But hey, this is March after all…


… in like a lion! Fingers crossed it’ll still go out like a lamb … x




4 thoughts on “Spring Flowers Tea Dress

  1. That’s a really lovely dress and a beautiful fabric. I may have to visit Misan – though my stash says “no more!” It’s so good to see a bit of sunshine isn’t it? I’m impatient for proper warm days now …


    1. Thank you, fellow Nina! Yes, I can’t wait for the weather to warm up, only a week until the clocks go forward now! Then I will feel compelled to shed the woolly layers, no matter the weather…


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