DIY Tool Hanging


As part of the two-homes-into-one moving-in process that has dominated our domestic environment for the past few months, we’ve ended up with a lot of stray odds and sods, including tools. One day, J announced he’d found an ingenious solution to the tool storage issue. ‘Velcro!’

Yes, velcro. He wanted to velcro all the tools to the inside sides of our boiler cupboard. When he’s usually so practical… Anyway, I put my foot down – but the disappointed face and repeated ‘velcro’ praise convinced me the only way out was to come up with a solution of my own. Inspired by a friend’s denim tool roll (thanks, Hugo, if you’re reading this!) I came up with my own idea – a big denim tool hanging! We already have an ironing board hanging inside one of our boiler cupboard doors, so it made sense to add the tools to the other.


I bought three pairs of men’s jeans from local charity shops – boy, there’s a lot of fabric in those things! I also bought a checked man’s shirt, to trim the raw edges and some of the pockets with homemade bias binding. So the total cost of the hanging came to about £20 – J could hardly complain when my idea was charitable as well as practical 🙂



The weight of the tools was too heavy for the single hanging I’d originally envisaged, so I split the backing into two and put dowelling rods through the top and bottom (for stability) of each. I reused all of the jeans’ back pockets; for most of the other pockets I was able to use the original hems of the jeans as the edges, and elsewhere I trimmed them with binding. Sometimes pockets weren’t necessary – you can see above how I used strips for certain tools such as the hammer. And as a little note for J, I used velcro to attach long strips for holding rolls of tape!


I didn’t bother to finish all the edges. As an engineer, J has told me about their concept of ‘good enough’ and how it is key to effective engineering – so I applied that here and decided that a few rough edges weren’t going to do any harm… No ablogogising for this one!


The bits that are neat though make me pretty happy!


So that’s my latest bit of unselfish sewing, and I hope it makes up to J for the velcro disappointment (and the dalmatian dog cushions…)!

You’d never know it was there…

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