Into the woods…

After the ‘is it/is it not (a fail)’ business of my last New Look 6049, I wanted to check in with one of my earlier versions and make sure that I hadn’t missed some terrible fitting issues there. This green velvet one furthermore had been languishing unworn for some time owing to a need for re-hemming, and my accompanying laziness. At the same time, as mentioned in my last post my sewing machine threw a hissy fit at the love I was lavishing on the new overlocker, and decided to go into tension meltdown, so I found myself up in Suffolk. It was a great location for finally getting in some much-needed camera practice, and it was for this reason I ventured out into the woods one gloomy day…

The woods near my mother’s house are strange, even eery. They are close to the sea, and many of the smaller trees seem blanched and wind-worn, whilst the older trees are freakishly gnarled. I know that Peter Jackson’s films have firmly implanted New Zealand in our minds as the location of Middle Earth, but of course Tolkien wrote Lord of the Rings with England in mind, and in places like this you can see why.

Just for the record, I don’t normally pair wellies and velvet. I had planned to wear some black suede boots, but the ground was all mud and water.

I like the gothic/1960s look achieved by wearing a shift with romantic billowing sleeves.

I was relieved to find that my green 6049 was the fairly good fit I remembered – at least there isn’t any gaping. This is why I trust 6049 as a good shift pattern. And velvet – oh, velvet – it closes in around the zip, covering the teeth without any need for the concealed zipper foot. I also personally think there’s something innately romantic and seductive about green velvet.

Beyond that, I’m afraid I have little else to say about this make other than that I enjoyed prancing about the woods pretending to be an elf, even if the occasional unexpected rustle did make me jump…

So deep in thought that I didn’t notice my hair adhering to the tree.

I’m now writing this back in London, on an even gloomier day – but hey, at least my sewing machine and I have been reunited! Roll on spring and spring sewing… But I hope you’re all having wonderful weekends wherever you are, whatever the weather 🙂 x



3 thoughts on “Into the woods…

    1. Thank you! That’s really nice to hear as I spent ages fiddling around with settings and hopping back and forth between tree trunks and the camera! I ended up tearing my tights on some brambles in all the effort!


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