Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

I am, quite possibly, the world’s slowest knitter. Not slow at the actual clacking of the needles, just rubbish at keeping it up. A knitting project for me is a marathon, not a sprint, and this one has been a good year and a half in the finishing. But it was (eventually) worth it!

Nina's photos 089

This is a Rowan pattern from one of their magazines, a summer issue from several years ago. The whole thing is knitted in cotton and garter stitch (with a knit stitch collar attached separately) so I honestly embarked on this thinking I’d have it ready for summer 2014. Yes, that long ago. So long ago I can’t remember the wool I used… Naughty knitter.

Nina's photos 093

Anyway, to explain this setting – the original pattern was featured in a photoshoot in the Suffolk coastal town of Southwold, not far from where my family lives, and the beach of my childhood. Wouldn’t it be jolly, thought I, to go to Southwold to photograph my finished, ‘nautical-chic’ version of this pattern? Oh, wouldn’t that be a nice excursion?

Nina's photos 091

No. That was a bad idea, naughty knitter. February by the sea is not conducive to a relaxing photoshoot. The wind was bitter; the sea was wild. No one except the odd hardy dog-walker was braving the gale-whipped beach. We took shelter in the rows of beach huts shut up for the winter, and managed a quick couple of snaps before the risk of losing extremities put an end to the session, about two minutes in. Then we went to the pub.

Nina's photos 106

Southwold’s a gem of a seaside town and once we’d recovered our spirits with some warming vittles we did manage a bit more of a walk. But I kept my coat on, so I’m afraid you’ve seen all you’re going to see of the cardigan. Naughty knitter-blogger.

I’ve kind of promised to stop knitting (adult) clothing since finishing this. Speed satisfies me and so I think I might indeed stick to sewing.

Yeah, right. As I write this, the wind is beating about the eaves, and the night is dark and cold. It’s the season of firesides and boxsets. And that’s when I hear it, the call of the yarn…

Nina's photos 112
Knitting season is OVER. For now.

Anyway, I know you’ll all be waiting impatiently now for my next knit. Something to look forward to for autumn 2017! x


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