Black and White: New Look 6049

New Look 6049 3

New Look 6049 6

Ok, so I know we’ve all agreed that ablogogising is a bad thing. As such, I’m not going to exactly say I did a bad job here… But I am going to say – this dress does not love me. It’s a shame, because the fabric is lovely stuff – a soft, loose-woven wool from Dalston Mill, and the pattern is one I’ve generally had a lot of success with – New Look 6049.

New Look 6049 4

So, please feel free to skip ahead if you don’t want the boring ‘here’s where I went wrong’ notes… Firstly, if you look at the pattern you’ll see it doesn’t have a pleat at the centre of the neckline. I’ve never had any issues with the neckline on the 3 other versions I’ve made of this pattern, but on this one it bagged out with excess each time I relaxed my shoulders forward. The pleat solves the problem and I don’t mind the curves it brings into the front of the armscye; in fact none of this is the ‘actual’ problem. The actual problem is that whilst I like looking at this dress hanging in my wardrobe, I don’t like it hanging on me. It makes me feel like a frump. And I think there’s two reasons – one, pattern placement. The third from top of the slimmer horizontal black lines seems to say ‘hello, I’m the waistline!’ but it’s too low for that. I’m 99% sure this will never occur to anyone else, but it bugs me like hell.

This facial expression pretty much sums it up.

Second – I think the black and white check is too harsh for me. What do you reckon? I’m keen to try it with a different-coloured top underneath as I think that might fix this particular problemo, but, um, I’ve got to make some first… Good thing my Papercut Rise and Fall Turtleneck pattern arrived recently!

Anyways, rant over. Good bits: I do like my hair in these pictures. I actually used a mode other than ‘automatic’ on my camera and was pleased to find a suitably duo-chromatic background. AND hey – pattern-matching!

New Look 6049 5

And in properly positive mode – I’m currently taking some pattern-drafting classes and am so excited to draft my own perfect shift-dress pattern! In spite of most other times wanting to highlight the ins and outs of my figure (it’s the curse of the curvy little people) I’m really drawn to the ’60s-shift silhouette and once I’ve boned up a bit more it’ll be the first thing on my ‘to draft’ list.

DSC_0240Bonus: it looks nice underneath my favourite coat! x



7 thoughts on “Black and White: New Look 6049

  1. It really looks lovely; great job, especially with the spare pleat!

    But I know what you mean, once you notice something you just can’t unnotice it and then it keeps getting pushed to the back of the wardrobe.

    I think shift dresses are often a bit of a two-way street in terms of (i) they are so comfy and so chic and (ii) they are fundamentally a box. I have a few (definitely not homemade ones) for work which are beautiful in their own right but will never do as much for me as something with a bit more tailoring.

    I hope it doesn’t get pushed to the back to the wardrobe as it does look lovely on you!


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    1. Thank you! I think I’m going to play around with pairing it with some different colours and accessories and see if they make a difference; as you say it’d be a shame to leave it languishing at the back of the rail, especially as I’m pleased with the overall construction. And I’m glad I’m not the only person who feels shapeless in a shift dress – whilst unfailingly easy-to-wear and perfect for ‘smart-casual’, I love them much more in theory than in practice. xx


  2. I thought the pleat at the neckline was on purpose, so it definitely doesn’t look like it’s fixing a fitting error. I also don’t think it makes you look frumpy at all. I would definitely try it with different coloured tops underneath – maybe with something brighter nearer your face you’ll like the fabric more?

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    1. Oh, that’s good re. the pleat – I’ve gotten away with it! I think you’re right about trying something brighter near my face though; I’m not really accustomed to wearing black or white (or both) without a big splash of colour so perhaps that’s affecting my view of it… Definitely promoting that Papercut turtleneck pattern up the to-sew list!


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