My Homemade Home

Happy Thursday, everyone! I’ve been a busy bee lately trying to whip our flat into shape so all the unfinished odds and sods stop distracting me from ‘the real work’. In other words, I’ve been making cushions as procrastination, and am now writing about them here to prolong the experience.


The first thing you should know about my home is that it’s not really mine. It’s J’s. We pretend it’s ‘our home’ but when the chips are down, it’s his. I only moved in a few months ago, and we’ve since then been trying to navigate the murky waters between our respective ‘styles’. I put ‘style’ in inverted commas because if you’ve seen Spectre, and you remember the scene where Moneypenny visits Bond at home and is surprised to discover that after three years in his flat he’s still furnished it with nothing more than a sofa and a TV, then that’ll basically give you a sense of what J’s flat was like before I moved in. Except without the TV.

So, apart from a bottle opener that is so high-tech I still haven’t quite figured out how to use it, the main concession to J’s ‘taste’ (there I go again) in the flat is the continuing presence of the sofa. And here’s the thing – I really dislike the sofa. It’s brown leather, functional, square-ish but also huge, and, to my horror, hideously expensive. So I’m fully aware that I’m obnoxiously moaning about the most first-world first-world problem ever (except perhaps the high-tech corkscrew issue tops it) but coming from a previous life of squishy, fabric sofas, in light neutral colours that invited squishy, colourful cushions … well, it’s been hard.


Anyways, I am going to throw colour at this sofa and eventually, with enough cushions, it will disappear. Except there’s no point in putting loads of cushions and throws all over it because the leather is so smooth everything slides off onto the floor, including me. BUT I have started with this pair – as you can see they are two-tone, using bright needlecord from Fabrics Galore and dark grey piping. The piping is a pre-emptive nod towards a dream grey rug that I haven’t yet bought (/actually seen), whilst the blue and turquoise tie in with the shades of our chairs, and a newly painted flowerpot…

Yeah, note to self – flower pots and elephant plants don’t make for good photos.

Gold is a colour I’d like to introduce more into the flat. My personal taste in interior design is a bright mish-mash I’d like to pretentiously call ‘exotic bohemian’, but my personal belongings are currently more in the ‘low-budget IKEA’ bracket. Putting gold paint on the latter is an attempt to steer them at least in the direction of the former. Hence what I did to some £8 IKEA stools this week:


These stools pop up on Pinterest all the time with all sorts of funky reworkings. I’ve kept ours simple with a soft grey background and a triangle of gold. The stools barely needed any sanding before I covered the top in two coats of primer. The grey and gold were painted separately, using masking tape to create the lines. The gold paint took many layers but I’m very pleased with the finish – the photos don’t capture it but it’s very rich, reflective and metallic. I haven’t varnished them, but waxed them with beeswax, which is how we treated our painted chairs and they’re holding up well.

So, that’s all for today’s episode of Nina’s Homemade Home, aka selfish sofa rant. I need to go away now and finally pluck up the courage to actually use my new overlocker, rather than keep rereading the manual and admiring it…! Ciao, bellas x




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