Beautiful Basics – Sewaholic Renfrew


Oh, this blogging malarkey. In order to spare you all another glamorous ‘me in my living room’ photo shoot, we took the camera with us on a Sunday stroll along the South Bank, where I ‘modelled’ my new Renfrew top and tried not to look too much of a wally. Luckily, this is London, and I could’ve been standing there naked and most people would either be a) entirely unsurprised, or b) pretending to be entirely unsurprised. Still, I’m a Brit, and posing in public makes me feel like, well, a right poser.



I love London’s South Bank. I love its wicked history as the site of all that was naughty in old Londontown and its recent reincarnation as the cultural hub of the city, its marvellous views and equally marvellous eateries, bookshops and bars. Today was wonderfully clear, with the evidence of our recent downpours reflecting back a bright spring-like sky… Ok, ok, I know it’s only ten days into January – but I can still dream of spring, right?!

But on to more important things, i.e. the top! This is my third knit pattern, and first non-Tilly (after 2 Agnes’s and 1 Coco), so it was still a mini adventure. I purchased some gorgeous black knit fabric from the Cloth House in Soho – unlike the other knits I’ve used you could really see the knit and purl sides to this; that is to say, you could see them in good daylight. (I initially sewed one of the sleeves on with the wrong side out by working on the top in the evening.) The fabric, although black, has a metallic fleck to it which gives it a slight sheen – I don’t generally care to wear all matt black.

It looks positively grey here, but the impression as a whole is of black.

Apart from right side/wrong side confusion, this was another smooth sailing make. I’m starting to feel the urge to stretch myself (forgive me) on the knit front but then again I have a genuine need for more of these kinds of tops in my wardrobe, and the imminent arrival of my first overlocker will undoubtedly provide challenge enough.



I really love this top and its versatility. It’s so comfy (especially with the stretch jeans I’m wearing here) I could wear it on a flight; equally it feels slinky enough to go on a date. It’s pulled across my bust so next time I’ll try to add a bit of ease in there, but otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing.

And here’s my ‘choirs of angels’ pose, appropriate given we were in Gabriel’s Wharf…


I never can resist a browse through the second-hand book stalls under Waterloo Bridge…


Before I leave you (I’ve got a jacket potato going black in the oven) I just want to show off the necklace I’m wearing in the photos. This fabulous little chap is made from the tagua nut, an ‘environmentally sound alternative’ to ivory. He comes from a company called Just Trade, who work with small fair trade projects across the planet, so gets an ethical as well as environmental thumbs up. Homemade and fair trade – now, isn’t that a heartwarming combination?! x




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