Christmas Makes Part 1 – Carolyn Nightgown

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed wonderful festive breaks, and are excited for a 2016 filled with all sorts of crafty adventures… I for one am hugely hyped – because after a quiet 2015 this is going to be a year of BIG adventures for me, many of which I hope to share here!

But first things first – as mentioned in my last post I spent a good part of the most wonderful time of the year knee-deep in Christmas craft. Whilst this is nothing new for me, it was the first year I went all uber-ambitious and made ‘proper’ clothes for people, as opposed to knitted woollies, knitted woollies and more knitted woollies. And so my marvellous mother was the recipient of a handmade nightgown, adapted from Closet Case Files Carolyn Pyjamas. Eh, voila!


My mum has a particular love for blue and white china and chinoiserie  (although this probably isn’t the only reason she married my Chinese dad…), and so this delicate brushed cotton I picked up in John Lewis was just the perfect choice for her. Adapting the Carolyn pyjama top into a nightdress was the easiest thing – I simply extended it by 9″ directly from the original hemline, continuing the slight flaring and then redrawing the bottom curve. I hadn’t made any Closet Case Files patterns before, but Carolyn was an absolute breeze – and goshdarnit but things work up fast without darts and shaping!

Unfortunately a nightgown isn’t really the sort of thing one can persuade a respectable mother to prance about in for blog purposes, so we’ll have to make do with just these few photos…


Carolyn comes with an option for including piping; I didn’t use this here but did make self-covered buttons for a little touch of luxury.



Stay tuned for more gifted makes (hehe!), and in the meantime steer clear of the January blues! x


3 thoughts on “Christmas Makes Part 1 – Carolyn Nightgown

  1. What a beautiful gift you’ve made! Such a great idea to make a Carolyn night-gown – I might have to steal the idea for my mom’s upcoming birthday in the summer 😉

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  2. So pretty! I must say that I had my own Carolyn nightgown cut out about 6 months ago but it’s still languishing in the UFO pile. After reading this I feel like I should dig out out and sew it up, because yours is looking great! I hope your mum liked it.


    1. Oh, you totally should – I saw some very pretty nightgowns in the shops recently but they weren’t half pricey!! I also want to make one for myself because right now I can’t handle the weird up-and-down temperatures of this winter…


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