Birthday Georgia!

By Hand London Georgia Dress1Last weekend was my birthday, and in spite of the fact that inside I’m eternally six years old (see photos for pink-based evidence), I took the opportunity to make By Hand London’s Georgia – a perfectly grown-up dress (for a reluctantly grown-up girl).

By Hand London Georgia Dress2

By Hand London Georgia Dress3

Inspired by the vintage feel of the wide straps and neckline (plus a pair of shoes I felt needed to be worn), I settled on a colour combination of pale pink and soft gold. After a dispiriting haul through the fabric shops of Soho to find that the only pale pink satin on offer was a cool £65 p/m, John Lewis came to the rescue with the perfect (read: affordable) stuff. I then resurrected scraps of gold sequin fabric from a previous birthday party creation (also pink) and was glad I did; a purely pink satin mini-dress could have veered dangerously into negligee territory.


I self-lined the bust cups with the satin and also created a lining for the rest of the dress. This was done simply by making a second version of the ‘skirt’ out of lining, and stitching it in place at the under-bust (and hand-stitching it around the inside of the zip) after the entirety of the satin, including zip, had been assembled.

To my surprise, the straps needed no shortening – probably the first time in my entire sewing life this has been the case. (Gosh, has age brought me bigger shoulders?!) The curves of the dress were also surprisingly sympathetic to my own. Therefore the only real adjustments I made were to take in the side seams at the very top, and also to take off about an inch from the right side-bust piece at the seam with the bust front. This has made the right cup top edge slightly lower than the left, so (BIG note to self) that’ll need fixing…

I must confess that I am also going to let out the seams across the waist and hips because it is a little tight (my muslin had been too loose and I over-enthusiastically overcompensated). And even bigger confession: I didn’t have time to do any of these adjustments before wearing because I finished the dress at 6.10pm on Saturday. Age is not making me any more organised, I can tell you.


I’m generally not wild about side zips in dresses as frankly I don’t think they cooperate with the in-out-iness of my sides, and this was no different – when I sat down, the zip rucked up.  I’ll see how it goes once I’ve let out the seams a little but in future I’d be tempted to put the zip in the centre back. But I did however use my new concealed zipper foot for the very first time – woop de woop!

Totally did NOT know the back bodice was collapsing in like that. I’ll hand stitch it to the insides of the straps before next time. And buy a new iron, too.

Anyway, tight dress fail or no, it was a fantastic party – I am beyond lucky to have the best friends and family imaginable. Special thanks to the wonderfullest of mothers for making ‘Nina-bunting’ and my adorable (and adored) sister and boyfriend for balloon duties on such a windy day!


And yes, I am still finding gold sequins everywhere! x






8 thoughts on “Birthday Georgia!

  1. This dress is amazing!!! I don’t know if it was planned but I love how it matches the balloons!
    I’ve been scared of sequins but after seeing this dress I need a sequin something in my wardrobe 🙂


    1. Hey Megan! Was sorry to miss you in Dalston all those weeks ago! Thank you so much – I know, I couldn’t resist ordering some pink (and gold) balloons once I had the dress underway… And sequins aren’t scary – messy, perhaps – but not scary. Worth it for the sparkle! x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry I missed it too!! I honestly can’t remember why I couldn’t come but I’m sure it was something important!
        With a dress like that you need the background to match too! the balloons were amazing.
        Im going to start looking for fabric now hopefully for a christmas dress. Sew Over It clapham are doing a late night shopping on 3rd December with mince pies are you going?? xx

        Liked by 1 person

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