Halloween – the costume…

Well I’m never bothering with a boring old cat costume again; from now on if I can’t attend a Halloween party as a drowned 18th-century noblewoman who’d run away to sea then I’m simply not attending. 

I was pleasantly surprised as to how easy it is to approximate an 18th-century silhouette. I used a standard strapless bodice pattern but widened the centre front piece at the top and lengthened it into a point at the bottom, adjusting the front sides accordingly. I also mashed the shoulder straps of another dress pattern onto the bodice pieces to hold the sleeves, making them sit as far apart as possible to give the wide square neckline.

The centre front was boned and the bodice decorated with gathered pinked strips of taffeta. These frayed wildly all night but still survived!

The over-skirt was simply 3 metres of taffeta, with one selvage folded over and stitched to make a channel. Through this I ran a length of ribbon so the skirt could tie around my waist like a back-to-front apron.

Ultimately this was easy peasy to make and great fun to wear! And I accessorised with a black starfish painted over one eye (eating my eyeball, obviously).

Roll on next Halloween! Maybe then I’ll go as a zombie highwaywoman…


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