She wore a brand New Jersey; she wore a brand New Jersey…

Oh yes, she did – and then she wore it again, and again, until it wasn’t brand new any more (and still she kept on wearing it…).

This is the Agnes top from Tilly and the Buttons, and my first foray into the world of sewing knits. I followed Tilly’s ‘Learn to Sew Jersey Tops on a Regular Machine’ online course, and I can’t recommend this enough to any fellow knit-virgins. It’s simple, straightforward, and reassuring. What had once seemed daunting became positively relaxing. Honestly, jersey – where have you been all my life?!

Look at how straight those stripes run across the bust! (Don’t look at my left hand though, it’s being huge and creepy…)

The jersey is this ‘Breton stripe’ from Sew Over It. It’s medium-weight and makes an ideal ‘first knit’ for newbies. Such is my love for this top that I’ve worn and washed it several times already and the fabric is holding up beautifully.

I cut a size 3, in spite of the given measurements being smaller than mine across the bust. But more than knit being forgiving, the whole fit was fine in spite of the bust difference – none of that dreaded distortment of print as the fabric stretches across the bust… And something that fits me across the back and shoulders with no adjustments is quite frankly a miracle. DSC_0411

My neckline is a little loose, and therefore doesn’t always stay flat against my body; however, I guess this is just something you have to play by ear depending on the stretch of the fabric used.


I’ve got a girl crush on my own sleeves. One of the reasons I often find myself in a wardrobe pickle is because I find ‘basics’ boring. But with the cute ruching options on Agnes (sleeves and/or neckline), I’ve discovered a newfound enthusiasm for tops that actually, well y’know, go with stuff.

Although having said that, I’ve got this vision of myself planning to make myriad ‘practical’ long-sleeved Agnes-es as winter staples, and then losing my head with each one and giving them all fabulous ruched sleeves. Note to self: ruched sleeves DO NOT sit well under cardigans. You have been warned.*

(*Oh, self. You will forget this and go ahead and do them anyway, because they make you feel like a show pony with rosettes on your shoulders.)

All my makes make me happy. In this case, ecstatic. So much so that I adopted this awkward game-show assistant pose.


Oh, and did I mention that on my first outing wearing this top I actually met Tilly?! It was at the fantastic Foldline launch party, and whilst I was worried that wearing one of her designs whilst talking to her made me come across a bit ‘I’m your number one fan’, and felt the need to point out I didn’t actually know she was going to be there (in a moment of only mild-to-moderate awkwardness), it was FAB.

Just like Agnes.


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