The Foldline – or, Let’s chat about chatting

Nearly three weeks ago I joined a number of other wonderful seamstresses at the Made-Up Meet-Up, organised by the fabulous Karen Ball of Did You Make That? It was a Saturday afternoon gathering in a pub in Kings Cross, and my very first sewing meet-up. I very nearly didn’t go – I was only halfway through my denim shirt dress, about to fly on holiday the next day – and contrary to appearances I can be a wee bit shy about these things. But boy oh boy am I glad I did! For a start, everyone was just lovely. I know that sounds predictable or cliched, but I’m not one to toss that term about with regards to people when I don’t actually mean it. These were the genuine article: lovely people.

I chatted to Jane of Handmade Jane, Amelia of Thrift, Make, Sew, Camilla of Pootle and Make, Monika of Monika Makes, as well as of course the fabulous Karen, and some delightful folks from Sew Over It. In particular, I met Rachel from SOI, who (along with ex-SOI pal Kate) has just (yesterday) launched the brand-spanking new sewing site The Foldline. If you haven’t come across this yet, it’s an online sewing community with a mega pattern database (check out the fantastic search functions), pattern reviews, forums and friendships. Like Facebook for sewing, but without the endless Buzzfeed quiz results.

My, was it good to talk to people who sew, about sewing. Don’t get me wrong, I already talk about sewing – a lot – and my day-to-day peeps are all wonderfully patient and enthusiastic. But to be amongst animals of my own kind for a few hours was like entering a small, chatty, wine-fuelled heaven. Some of us chatted about The Refashioners – one of the things I loved about the community challenge was it proved to create just that: a community. And that’s why I’m also so grateful for sites like The Foldline. Anything that brings together us solitary sewists has my vote. If anyone reading this wants to get together for sewing chat in London any time, wave your hands! (and then put them down and drop me a line.)

Karen was so generous – she brought along old patterns (including vintage) she no longer needed – meaning we went away with party bags of the best sort! There’s a coat in this Burda mag that I am dying to make…

And now I’m going to go to Homebase to buy nails for a terribly exciting DIY project, like the cool Friday-night party animal that I am. Livin’ it up, folks!


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