Refashion no. 2 (aka Sisters in Stripes)

As I’m now officially hooked on refashioning and there’s only so many stripey playsuits a girl needs, it was inevitable that I’d have to make a second (new and improved) playsuit for my little sister Amy.

There’s a bit of history to this. Amy and I have been wearing matching outfits since she caught up with me on the walking and talking front.

And unlike many sisters, we’ve always loved it. Now we’re adults we get asked ALL the time if we’re twins. We once got into a Walkabout on one ID (Amy’s) by telling the bouncer that we were. We like being similar so much we even thought up a new dating app for pairs: Twinder.

Anyways… I constructed Amy’s playsuit in pretty much the same simple way as mine, with some minor alterations. The original shirt had a fabulous contrast paisley print used for the button placket and cuff insides, and this inspired me to incorporate a contrast print into this playsuit.

Sadly there wasn’t enough paisley for the job but some scraps of pink peacock Liberty lawn (leftover from, ironically, a shirt!) were a marvellous match. I inserted these down the sides of the shorts and bodice, and, inspired by the unusual triangular brand label, used the same for some patchwork embellishment on the front bodice.

The back bodice uses the buttonhole placket as a pre-finished top edge, and the cuff tower plackets cross over the waist – with their quirky black buttonholes these pieces were too funky not to use.

Amy loves her playsuit, hurray! In Death Valley, where these pics were taken, our new garments were ideal for the sweltering nights. Everywhere we looked other girl tourists were sporting rompers a too! Plus these didn’t even need ironing after a 10-hour flight – I don’t know what they do to men’s shirts but that’s my kind of clothing! And it turned out there’s even a precedent for our wearing coordinating stripes…

Once a pair of posers, always a pair of posers, eh?!


3 thoughts on “Refashion no. 2 (aka Sisters in Stripes)

  1. These are both so bloomin’ amazing! I came across your blog via The Refrashioners and I am in complete awe at what everyone has made. Sewing wizardry! I can imagine this is pretty good practice for something like the alteration challenge of the sewing bee, which I read applications for series 4 are now open. And you and your sister do look like twins. My mom used to dress my sister and I in the same outfits as well, despite being 4 years apart and looking nothing alike; she has dark hair and olive skin. It was quite fun though!


    1. Thanks, Jen! I know, it’s been such an inspiring month checking out all the refashions!

      And I think if I had two girls (or boys) as kids I wouldn’t be able to resist dressing them the same either… 🙂


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