Fun and sunshine – there’s enough for everyone!

Hello lovelies! Here’s me in my first Sew Over It ‘Ultimate Pencil Skirt’. And what to say?

I don’t like it – I love it love it LOVE it! (Oh oh…)


Sew Over It Pencil SkirtVery little to add re. this pattern except it’s a doddle and a dream. I’ve also made up the Sew Over It 1940s Tea Dress (twice so far – to be blogged!) and am very impressed. The patterns are beautifully packaged, straightforward and best of all fit funny me surprisingly well. I sewed up a straight size 10 and then did take it in a little bit more at the sides to make a snugger* fit, because I think I’ll wear this largely with crop tops, or only the finest silks tucked in (la-di-dah). I have grand plans to make up a rainbow of Sew Over It Silk Camis in every single colour imaginable, and splurged on 2 silk satins and 1 sandwashed silk on Goldhawk Road at the weekend in readiness. The only slight issue with this make is the excess fabric creasing up in the front; I think it might actually be a bit long for me down the centre-front.

*Is it just me or is there something kind of wrong with the word ‘snugger’…??

Sew Over It Pencil SkirtThe fabric is this fun and subtle-from-a-distance-but-Club-Tropicana-close-up print from Misan Fabrics in Soho; again, my shocking lack of fabric knowledge rears its head and all I can say is it’s a medium-weight cotton and it doesn’t fray AT ALL.

Tropical fabricAnyways, the skirt sewed up in about an hour and a half overall – brilliant! I can’t wait to make some in plain neutral colours to wear with the gazillion cropped blouses I just *accidentally* bought in the Oasis sale… Plus I just know it’s going to be a winter wardrobe staple when worked up in wool. I was planning to use the remainder of the tropical fabric to make a coordinating crop top, but then given these photos were taken on what was apparently the Last Day of Summer (we were actually stranded in the office by flooding today), that might be a project for another year…

IMG_2074Plus: Bra-hating crop top – Topshop; World’s Most Comfy Heels – Carvela


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