Travelling with knitting needles

So, this is what happens when a klutz who inadvertently pokes holes with her knitting needles into just about everything (including people) starts dating a slightly OCD engineer: Cork knitting needles

Genius, huh?! I’m sure J wasn’t the first smart person to think of this cork solution, but as it had never occurred to me I thought I’d share it. As J is the toolmaster in our household (and I his eager apprentice), he made the holes in the cork first using an awl or somesuch, as pushing the needles in directly could easily bend them. Obviously over time the holes will widen and become too loose, but if you’re anything like me, finding more, ahem, corks won’t be an issue.

Only, if you’re going to walk around with these sticking out of your bag, it’s important to find the right corks.Cork knitting needles

Only the best for my needles 🙂


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