Fabulous Fifi!

This pattern has been a source of unexpected joy to me. I’ve been rather stressed out over the past few weeks, largely owing to moving house (something I inflict upon myself annually, and which sends me into a month of meltdown every time). And when I’m stressed, I generally upp my consumption of chocolate buttons to record-breaking levels, so to add to the fun I’ve been feeling like a stressed out wibbly wobbly piggy wiggy (and looking like one too).

But there’s nothing like wearing something gorgeous and sensual around the home to make one feel lovely, outside and in. Tilly and the Buttons released this latest pattern just a few weeks ago and it felt like fate. I have always dreamt of being a luxurious lounger, but usually end up in old woolly things that frankly are no longer fit to be seen, let alone worn. Well, that stops here!

In spite of choosing my slipperiest fabric (silk from a Vietnamese market in 2013) Fifi was pleasingly straightforward to sew. Not being previously familiar with Tilly’s sizing system, I cut a size 4 based on my bust, but then found that the only area the camisole actually fit was the bust – the back and overall width were too large. Across the side and back seams I probably took off a good four inches in total! The shorts were similarly on the large side but I just took that off the sides. All of which made me feel little 🙂 Next time I’ll probably cut a size 2/3 and do an FBA using Tilly’s tutorial.

I used a contrast duchesse bias binding as there wasn’t enough of the silk to stretch to this, but I’m really pleased with the contrast. In fact, I’m really pleased with the whole outfit, including the fact that I put the finishing touches to it immediately after driving 200 miles back from Suffolk in a van (as you do), just in time to take part in my first Instagram party!

And the best bit? Fifi was my first full make in my new home. A fresh new outfit for a fresh new life…!


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Fifi!

  1. Hi Nina, I’ve featured this photo in the Summer Sewing Instaspam Party round up on my blog, which means you get a prize! Please can you choose a sewing pattern from our shop and email Laura [hello at our web address] to let her know which one you’d like, and whether you’d prefer printed or PDF (and your address if printed). Woooop!


  2. Gorgeous! Your set looks so silky soft. I really want to get this look, but the only thing that’s affordable is the sateen, and it can look and feel so cheap if you order online.

    You look fantastic though! Best of luck in your new home. ❤


    1. Thank you! I know – it’s so difficult to find affordable fabrics that still feel luxurious… Except in Asia, where they’re bargainacious! Your set is fabulous though, really love the print – and the bunting was such a cute idea! 😊


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