Better late than never… My BHL Anna

Hello peeps! Isn’t it nice to see the sun again?? I’ve just had a wonderful weekend of manic productivity, including finally whipping out my first By Hand London Anna Dress.

I’ll be honest with you: when I first saw the Anna pattern, I was pretty ‘meh’. But then, Instagram started going a bit crazy over the International Anna Party and the web suddenly seemed flooded with irresistible inspiration. The day of the party approached and I succumbed, thinking I could whip up an Anna of my own in the two party-preceding nights. After all, I LOVE parties! I LOVE dresses! I LOVE competitions (ok, so it wasn’t a competition per se, but there were prizes – I LOVE prizes!)! But – life. And alcohol. Mostly alcohol. So my Anna eventually happened these two weeks later. Party for one, yay.

I sewed it up in Sew Over It’s ‘Mulan’ rayon, purchased from the Clapham shop, where they are always so lovely and I am always so spend-y. Seriously, they need to move that place out of my reach. Being a bit of a hobbit I knew I could lop off a good few inches from the skirt, and so daringly went for 2.6m instead of the required 3. It was still plenty; next time I’ll order just 2.5m, making Anna bargainacious as well as beauteous. The rayon is perfect; the drape is ideal, especially flattering on a shortie, and to my eyes the print lends the look a slightly 1930s feel.  bhl anna

She really is the speediest of amazing makes. I made Anna in her entirety between returning from work on Friday evening and departing for a wedding at 3pm on Saturday, stopping at various points to eat meals, sleep, open a bank account, and, oh, hire a car and move the remainder of my possessions across south London.

bhl anna

Notes-wise: I toiled the bodice and didn’t have the gaping back neckline that so many other bloggers have complained of, but mysteriously the gape materialised in the finished version so I ended up putting in extra neckline darts. Sonja of Ginger Makes came up with a great solution to the ubiquitous gape, so I’ll use that next time. I also very lightly interfaced the facing, mainly just because that’s what I’m used to, and I’m a creature of sewing habit.

Now I don’t understand the psychology behind this fact, but maxi dresses make me feel taller. I’ve never felt as tall as I did this weekend! And the thigh split makes me feel like Elsa from Frozen, which can only be a good thing.

bhl anna
The cold never bothered me anyway…

It was the perfect dress for an outdoor wedding – acted as my personal picnic blanket, kept me warm when the sun went down, and still allowed plenty of room for cake. And mega-bonus: concealed my heels so I looked naturally tall.

Sorry if I sound a bit smug, but, well, I am! High fives all round! Anyone else want to join my Anna party for one?!


5 thoughts on “Better late than never… My BHL Anna

  1. You look stunning in that Anna dress! I really need to make my own party for one with the Anna dress. All the printing and taping though, Yikes. 😉 Great job, I bet you won best dressed only second to the bride.


    1. Aww, thank you!!! I managed to find a hard copy of the pattern still selling online independently, as the idea of taping those skirt pieces was too much for me too! It’d be worth it in the end though as the dress is such a pleasure to sew, not to mention wear!


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