Supercar DJ – here we go!

IMG_1520If you’d seen me this weekend you might’ve been forgiven for thinking I’d won the Euromillions. (Which was never going to happen – b*stard lucky dip gave me 18, 19 and 20 in last Friday’s numbers.) Nope, I was being chauffeured across the most scenic drives of the west country in a prototype McLaren 675LT supercar for free. #Princess!

I don’t know how much I should actually talk about this car online as it’s not officially finished (although I feel like in the Venn diagram of supercar fanatics and sewing blog readers there’s only a very, very small overlap…) – but just so you know I haven’t sold my soul and body to an oil-swilling oligarch: we had the car because J works at McLaren and gets to test drive these things. So we test drove it to Wales. The idea of rocking up in a rural Welsh village in this monster just seemed toooo funny.

I thought long and hard about what to wear on such a bizarre journey (I’m SUCH a loser). Play it cool and comfy with jeans and a tee? Or pretend I’m in the movie RUSH and J is James Hunt? Easy…

Both the car and I are ready for take-off

This dress was a Monday-night quickie using New Look Project Runway 6049, a firm favourite, and some pale yellow broderie anglaise bought in Singapore last year. I underlined the yellow with a plain white cotton, except at the bottom where I left the broderie trim hang down lower, and hemmed the sleeves and neckline with bias binding. It was a doddle to sew up, and such a nice change after my Martini dramas (coming soon). It looks a bit unflattering in the photos, and came out rather shorter than I’d intended, but it’s actually quite cute, and great for hot weather.

A picnic stop-off in the Cotswolds en-route

Anyway, Wales was a-mazing. Seriously, why did no one ever tell me about this place?!

IMG_1492IMG_1518IMG_1517We stayed in the most wonderful B’n’B in the foothills of Snowdonia, a Georgian farmhouse that doubles up as an arts centre. Foxgloves, hens and an ancient sheepdog shared the garden with modern sculpture; swallows nesting in the barns were in constant flight around our heads. We ate wild strawberries, homemade jam and sunshine-yellow eggs, and were sent away with Triffid-esque stalks of rhubarb – probably the first and last time a McLaren has been stuffed with rhubarb and knitting.

Layout 1
Spot the swallow in the middle of the bottom right pic!
The boot is under the bonnet! And that’s a champagne cork atop of a knitting needle poking out of my rucksack, waiting to get in…

IMG_1477It was the most glorious weekend of 2015 so far, and that’s saying something. Even without the supercar it would’ve been magical – I do think Britain in June has the potential to be the most beautiful place in the whole world. But with the supercar – well, I now know what it’s like to be a celebrity! We were photographed and approached wherever we went; cars and bikes honked; bystanders cheered and waved. Then the power when we did a rapid acceleration (this car can reach over 120mph in under 8 seconds – not that we tried that along the winding ways of Wales!) made me gasp aloud. Would I buy one if 18, 19 and 20 had come good and netted me 72 million euros? Probably not, but hell, I wouldn’t say no to another weekend as a supercar superstar!


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