Short and Sweet: My First Sorbetto


I finally got around to making up a little Sorbetto, the free top pattern from Colette Patterns. I’d had some old Liberty lawn from a previous top hanging about and the pairing felt right – the bizarre bicycle ditsy print needed a structured style to give it some oomph (something the earlier incarnation had woefully lacked, hence its brief life). I like this print because a) I got it on sale and I like sales, and b) because the bicycle chaos perfectly sums up the general experience of me on a bike (for myself and anyone else in the vicinity). Bicycle bonkers.


A shortage of navy bias binding (#firstworldproblems) turned into a cunning design feature, and I actually think this works really well – the print might have been overwhelmed by the wider binding on the sleeves.

I also didn’t have much of the fabric, so it had to be a pretty short Sorbetto. That’s fine, but I do feel it’s a little too wide (even though I cut the 10). I have a slightly absurd fear of making clothes that are too small, squeezing them on and then getting stuck. Like those awful shopping experiences where you try on some crazy knuckleduster ring for a laugh and then, oh oh, it won’t come off again, and you worry you’re going to have to pay for the knuckleduster and for someone to chainsaw it off your finger, probably inadvertently amputating it in the process.

Oh, that’s just me?

Anyway, I think I’m going to play with the side seams a bit to get a slightly more flattering fit. Not much more to say than that except that, aside from the sticking and cutting of the pdf pattern, I rattled this little gem out over the course of just one episode of Law & Order UK (a.k.a. one hour) – admittedly an episode I’d seen before, but still! Speed! It’s also incredibly easy and would suit a complete beginner. So, thanks, Colette. I’m wearing Sorbetto right now as I write this, and, judging by the sheer number of Sorbettos on the web and the fact that it’s Me-Made-May, I’m probably not the only one!


(This photo pretty much sums up my relationship with bikes.)


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